“My guy does the all the cooking in our house, so we eat pasta seven days a week which is okay by me.”
my typical response whenever someone asks me if I cook

So much to the surprise of my guy, family members, friends, co-workers and my friendly Starbucks baristas, I have been cooking/ baking up a storm lately in the kitchen. I’m not quite sure where these culinarian tendencies are coming from? Maybe because my guy get so excited when there’s something to eat when he gets home or possibly just the combination of my constant hungriness paired with actually having the time to prepare meals… but whatever weird spell is going on in Apt 510, I’m sharing my most recent food projects/ fiascos:

Food By Trish Fall Favorites

Roasted Brussel Sprouts (eaten almost daily) – Inspired by this, I blanch them for about a minute and then roast at 350° (face-down on a baking sheet) with onions & garlic, drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper for about 15 minutes. Then sprinkle parmesan cheese before eating.

Mini Apple Pies – We had extra apples from our orchard visit and I used Pillsbury pie crusts (rolled out a bit thinner) to speed up the process.

Poutine – Sounds fancy but its simply fries, topped with gravy & cheese curds. (There’s an actual poutine restaurant in CHI – need to go there soon!)

Mushroom Risotto – Saw Joanna cook this for Romain on Real Housewives of Miami and tracked down Ana Quincoces’ recipe.

Pear & Brie Crostini – Found while scrolling through See Jane. Already had brie, a baguette & honey, only needed one pear. Super easy to make & we ate them so fast once they came out of the oven (hence no photos.)

Mini Coffee Cake Muffins – Testing out a bunch of recipes for a brunch potluck I hosted. Ended up using the handy Bisquick mix for fresh waffles.