I grew up going to craft fairs with my mom & sister, especially during the holiday season and think they’re just really fun and inspiring! I’ve been going to Renegade Craft Fairs as soon I as moved to the Midwest and they do not disappoint! The Annual Holiday Market was this past weekend at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse* again. It was such a gorgeous day, almost 70° – to think that my first Renegade Fair visit four years ago, I was trekking through 4-6 inches of snow from the Blue Line!

Armed with a gift list, my usual game plan is to first do a quick browse of all vendors, then go back to those who I really wanted make purchases from starting with the most desirable item, i.e. baby gifts were on the top of my list, so I first went back for onesies & wooden baby toys, then scoped out jewelry. Every year, I’m so impressed by the talent, goods & overall people-watching (And I was super duper proud of myself for staying within my cash budget.)

Can’t wait for the next event, the One of Kind Show this upcoming weekend!

Above photos taken by me (layout done on PicFrame app) includes jellyfish art piece done by Sayuri. More photos here.

*Sidenote: I am torn about the fieldhouse space – I think they’ve almost outgrown it despite occupying all five separate sections and it gets so overwhelmingly hot, but the plus sides are that it is covered, which is much-needed during Chicagoland winter months and in prime, easily-assessable-by-public-transit Wicker Park/ Bucktown Hipsterville. Oh well, I’ll trek to any Renegade fair no matter where they’re located.