The title of this post says it all! We hosted a New Year’s Eve party at our place, appropriately titled ‘Battle of the Sexes: Mayan Edition.’ 90% of the night was great fun; dinner with friends at our usual all-you-can-eat BYOB sushi spot, intense game of Battle of the Sexes, midnight champagne toast with fireworks (our friends were quite impressed with our view!)

Photos: that gold fringe curtain is still up – Sushi Para D – Girls’ turn in BOTS

20130117-141743.jpgI’ll think the other 10% of the night as a ‘good, funny story’ in about 3 months. Cleaning for 8+ hours, dry-cleaning our (new) couch cushions, buying an entirely new bathroom set was not so fun.  Positive note – started 2013 with a super-clean home!

I doubt if we’d have such a large group again (30-ppl in our small 1-bdrm apartment was too much) with that much booze around, let alone any non-‘clear’ drinks (SATC reference – anyone?)

Photo: January 1st: January 10th (thankful we own a Dyson!)

The best part of the entire event/ ordeal was my awesome guy! Once everyone was out, he put me to bed (did I mention that I was sick?) AND THEN stayed up an extra hour to clean (took out all the empty booze, washed all the dishes!) so I wouldn’t completely freak out in the morning. Seriously won Best Boyfriend of 2013 award on Day 1!