510 Living Room
I’m really going to miss this little one-bedroom with amazing views of Grant Park & the lake (which I bragged about all the time via instagram!) Apt 510 will always be our first place together and the spot where E got down on one knee.510 Living Room 2
I’ve never had such a cozy, homey, comfortable apartment, come together so quickly before (and I’ve lived in A LOT of rentals over the years!) I am so very thankful that E & I have such similar decorating styles.
We got those lockers from a hotel going-out-of-business sale (he removed the green paint from the doors & white-laquered the rest,) searched Etsy for the vintage pull-down classroom map, turned an old Chicago parking meter into a lamp, and got an uber-stylish fish tank. Our friends say our place was ‘very CB2-looking’ which is the best compliment!
510 Bedroom
Our high-rise rental building went through a complete renovation of all the public spaces during the one year we lived there. It seriously looks like a boutique hotel now – complete with fancy fitness center, business center & residential lounge space. Management is okay but the doormen & maintenance staff are exceptional – I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking in the South Loop area.

I really loved coming home to this place – lots of amazing memories made here… And I can’t wait to now make more memories & have more adventures in our new home!