CHI Bites: Fish Bar

I’ve been having lobster roll cravings lately (probably because of all those Red Lobster commercials) so when my foodie friend, Craig wanted to meet for dinner, I immediately suggested Fish Bar. I’ve walked by this quaint place, right around the corner from DMK (the burger bar baby of MK‘s, Michael Kornick) about 100 times because its my train stop to my office. Super casual with fish-market counter inspired decor, the menu has all my raw-bar favorites and then some. We shared West Coast oysters, mussels, scallops & a superb(!) lobster roll, washing it all down with some witbier in mason jars. Fresh, delicious seafood like this makes me so happy! The menu changes seasonally and I cannot wait to head there once they set up the outdoor seating.


(Spring) Whirlwind

Who knew wedding planning could be so inundating?!? Then add one extremely busy, entrepreneurial fiance to the mix and this month has been a complete whirlwind. But I do have a list of some upcoming posts:

  • Chicago, why are you still freeezzzzing?!?
  • Wedding planning process
  • Our one-bedroom apartment (which we will be vacating from soon)
  • More CHI-bites
  • The Second City is know for ‘The Second City’ and other comedy spots to visit
  • My ‘summer to-do’ list (is it too early?)
  • More ‘Trish Would Wear That’

The BEST February Ever!

Seriously it’s going to be hard to have a better month than February 2014…20130302-154314.jpg

  • San Francisco 49ers went to the Superbowl and I got to make this!
  • We got engaged!!! On Valentine’s Day at that (which is a holiday I loathe but of course, my opinion has changed… a little! I’m so excited to plan, celebrate and most of all, become a Kalchbrenner!
  • I won Administrative Professional of the Year for RE/MAX Northern Illinois (the biggest surprise was that my entire office kept the award a secret from me!)
  • We got to skate at Soldier Field for free (courtesy of Office Max.) Such a great experience, especially because my guy LOVES ice-skating.
  • We got to see Book of Mormon – the hottest ticket in town! It’s hilarious, it’s witty, it has a great message and I’m still humming all the songs.
  • AND last but not least, we’re moving to a new, awesome apartment in May. It has everything I love; the neighborhood & full-amenity high-rise (our new building is basically across the street from our current rental) plus some extras; TWO bedrooms, TWO bathrooms, fireplace, a little balcony and more. Can’t wait to show you all.

Photo clockwise from top right: Our friends threw us a little celebration party, my official newsletter award photo, my guy showing off on the ice, BOM set looks quite familiar

CHI Bites: Atlas Brewing Company


Located in Lincoln Park (just two block away from my office!) this new-ish, boutique brewery is a refreshing change from the typical sports bar-type, neighborhood pub found in these parts of CHI. A nice selection of craft beer on tap and an upgraded pub grub menu, that included one of my all-time faves, steamed mussels with fries, made my first visit here particularly lovely. I would definitely recommend Atlas Brewing Company as a comfortable ‘happy-hour’ refreshment spot or after a friendly (bowling) game at next-door Seven Ten Lounge.

CHI Bites: Yolk

I am a self-trained brunchoisseur (brunch-connoisseur, duh!) It is my favorite meal and I love scheduling friend brunch dates. One of my frequented b-spots is Yolk. It has an extensive, yummy menu, sunny yellow & blue diner-decor and multiple locations, with one being just half a block away from my apartment; all the fixings of a great breakfast/ lunch combo spot.

Photo: West Coast Crepe & Bacon Quesadilla (from my most recent Yolk brunch date with a gal pal)

Trials & Tribulations of Welcoming 2013

The title of this post says it all! We hosted a New Year’s Eve party at our place, appropriately titled ‘Battle of the Sexes: Mayan Edition.’ 90% of the night was great fun; dinner with friends at our usual all-you-can-eat BYOB sushi spot, intense game of Battle of the Sexes, midnight champagne toast with fireworks (our friends were quite impressed with our view!)

Photos: that gold fringe curtain is still up – Sushi Para D – Girls’ turn in BOTS

20130117-141743.jpgI’ll think the other 10% of the night as a ‘good, funny story’ in about 3 months. Cleaning for 8+ hours, dry-cleaning our (new) couch cushions, buying an entirely new bathroom set was not so fun.  Positive note – started 2013 with a super-clean home!

I doubt if we’d have such a large group again (30-ppl in our small 1-bdrm apartment was too much) with that much booze around, let alone any non-‘clear’ drinks (SATC reference – anyone?)

Photo: January 1st: January 10th (thankful we own a Dyson!)

The best part of the entire event/ ordeal was my awesome guy! Once everyone was out, he put me to bed (did I mention that I was sick?) AND THEN stayed up an extra hour to clean (took out all the empty booze, washed all the dishes!) so I wouldn’t completely freak out in the morning. Seriously won Best Boyfriend of 2013 award on Day 1!

Hawaiian Christmas 2012

My Christmas memories include opening presents when its sunny & 80° under a fake tree and maybe getting a little beach time before the extended-family dinner complete with hyper kids & laughing adults.

In previous years, I usually tried to go home for New Year’s Eve (because no other place in the world welcomes the new year like Hawaii) but since they instated that lame fireworks ban, I thought it would be nice to be home for my nephew’s first Christmas. Here are a couple of pics from my trip:

Family time is the best!
L to R: Dad & Mom at OLGC – we’ve being going to this church for almost 30 years, my BIL had to be Santa this year, which means my sis was helper elf, eldest & youngest Bautista, our ‘Hoomalu’ tattoos – only missing my brother.

BEACH TIME! Was so nice to have tan lines in December.
View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, view of Ka’ena Point from Ko Olina, Waikiki Beach lifeguard stand.

‘Ono Kine Grinds’ – can’t forget about all the awesome local food I miss while living in the Midwest! I went crazy on the loco moco’s and sushi.
Clockwise from top left: Yogur Story, Da Kitchen, Spicy Ahi & BBQ, Genki Sushi

Happy 2013!

NYE Tiara 2013
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
I am back from a lovely Hawaiian Christmas holiday and a whirlwind New Year’s celebration at Casa de ET.
I am looking forward to hunkering down and starting my Winter list, along with posting a couple recaps about my time back on my home island and our epic NYE party.
Can’t wait to see what this year brings!